Buddy training is a great way to stay motivated.
Many of us find it hard to stay motivated to eat better or exercise more. We know we need to, but, we put it off for tomorrow, or next week, or longer. It's hard to hold yourself accountable. Not sure whether it’s better to brave the gym alone or rope in a workout buddy?
Some things are better in twos. Discover the benefits of training with a friend. Save on personal training sessions when you bring a friend. Both you and your friend will get a discount. Come in, bring your friend and save today!

Personal Trainers

Brooke Helmke

Credentials: Personal Trainer, Nasm PT certificate, CPR certified, AED certified

Amy Mackenzie

Credentials: Personal Trainer/ Holistic Health Coach

Ashlee Van Buskirk

Credentials: Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Rob Rodriguez

Credentials: NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Buddy Personal Training is ideal for anyone who enjoys working out with friends! Individuals with similar goals and who enjoy the same kind of workouts will greatly benefit from Buddy Personal Training.
Friends benefit from working out together in numerous ways: motivation, commitment, and social interaction. So grab your best friend and sign up for Buddy Personal Training! All sessions are 30 or 60 minutes long with a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer.